Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How to Prevent ACL Injuries

Good morning!

I was listening to CBC Calgary Eyeopener this morning, admittedly with only one eye open as it was before my first cup of coffee!

I did perk up, however, after listening to an interesting discussion about ACL injuries and how to prevent them.

We all talk about being more active. We also need to talk and learn more about avoiding injuries that will have lifelong consequences.

The PEP (Prevent Injury, Enhance Perfomance) Program, developed by the Santa Monica Sports Medicine Foundation with funding assistance from the LA84 Foundation, can significantly reduce the incidence of ACL injuries. The PEP Program is a series of exercises done on the field-of-play before and/or after practice with no special equipment.”

The short videos clearly explain the exercises and include teaching points showing both the correct and incorrect way of doing each one.

Please, pass this link along to anyone you know who teaches or coaches young people.

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