Saturday, March 8, 2014

Yarn Doodles! Tiny flowers and leaves to crochet

Maggie's Yarn Doodles: Tiny Flowers and Leaves

I call these yarn doodles!

My knitting basket currently has two projects – a sweet little, “top down”, no seam baby sweater and a small blanket to tuck in around a little one in an infant car seat. Both projects are at the stage where there are no complicated bits, so they come out when the TV is on.

Wanting a little challenge, I'm also trying little sample bits of interesting patterns I'm finding on the Internet and this past week's theme was spring flowers. Not sure how I'll use these little bits of pretty, but I'm thinking baby hats and hairbands.

You can play around with hook size and wools when making these flowers. I used a 3.50 mm hook and Lion Brand (Vanna's Choice) medium weight (4) acrylic yarn: white, dusty purple, aqua, antique rose and Loops and Threads (Impeccable) fern.

The purple and blue flowers (2.5 inches diameter), plus some tiny leaves (1.5 inches) are courtesy of Tara at Mamachee.

The little white flowers (1.5 inches) are from Jo at About Mo and Me.

Lucy at Attic24 designed the pink May rose (2 inches diameter) and the larger leaf (2.3 inches).

All three ladies have multiple free patterns on their blogs. Be sure to explore!

Have a great day!

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