Friday, April 26, 2013

Baby Sweaters

We're anxiously waiting for a phone call and my bag is packed!

Grandchild #2 is expected in the next few weeks so my knitting needles have been busy!

This first sweater was made some time ago, but it's so tiny!  It's been passed along already and the expectant parents have been given strict instructions to take it to the hospital - probably won't fit after the first week!

I finished this second sweater a few days ago and just sewed on the buttons.  It's a free pattern by Carol Barenys who has an excellent website featuring free baby patterns, including ones for preemies.

A few notes about this little outfit...

The sweater pattern is the "Preemie Cardigan".  Since we're expecting someone a little bigger, I used size 3 and 6 needles instead of 2 and 4.  Measuring under the armpits, it is 16 inches around.  I used Bernat Softee Baby yarn.

The little hat is the "Tiny Baby Cap" (size: "Small Baby").

Next up?  A very pretty (and really easy!) crocheted baby blanket...  

Sitting by the phone,

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