Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Saturday Morning Western Canada Food Blog Tour

I love Saturday morning.

No alarm clock.  The whole weekend still ahead.  Breakfast in bed. Some extra time to cruise around on the Internet before the day starts!  Currently in my Bookmarks Bar, I have a number of food blogs I've been following recently.  

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A Western Canada Food Blog Tour

Starting on Vancouver Island in Victoria, British Columbia, visit the Family Feedbag, a young mother of two little boys.  Lots of tasty things to eat PLUS recipes for baby food.

Next, take a ferry over to British Columbia's largest city, Vancouver.  Meet Melissa at Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach. In addition to sharing great ideas about food, Melissa is a freelance web/graphic designer at Fine Lime Designs.  You can see some of her work in the portfolio section. 

Head east to Alberta.  Two great sites to visit here: Clockwork Lemon and A Canadian Foodie.  Stephanie and Valerie are both involved in Cheesepalooza, making their own cheese!

Last stop, say hello to Renee at SweetSugarBean in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  She's a chef for a catering company with a love of photography and cooking with fresh, local ingredients.

Hope you enjoyed the trip!

Have a great weekend,

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