Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Switching Up the Water Bottle Routine

Yesterday I was sent a link to an article, 5 Ways to Make Drinking Water More Exciting.  

I'm always nagging myself about drinking more water.  How about you?  Two of the ways are already in my personal "recipe" box - sparkling water, sometimes mixed with fruit juice, and adding a splash of lemon juice to either plain or sparkling water.

The article had some new ideas so I decided to experiment.

Here are my official test results!!

Mug #1: I switched up the citrus theme with slices of orange.  Pleasant, but I still prefer lemon.  

Mug #2: Adding sliced apples seemed interesting.  Also pleasant, but if you try this, timing is everything.  Leave the apples in too long and they turn an unappetizing brown.

Mug #3 : I love herbal tea and peppermint tea is a particular favourite!  Tasty?  It was okay; a hot mug of peppermint tea IMHO is far better.
Mug #4 : This one I would definitely repeat!!  Made with Lemon Ginger (my current favourite tea), a few slices of lemon and two small slices of ginger, it was a winner.  

Not surprised that Mug #4 was my "personal pick".  Have you ever had a mug of hot lemon ginger tea?  Add boiling water to the juice of 1/2 a lemon, a tablespoon of honey and about an inch worth of grated ginger.  Delicious!  The lemon and honey slide down nice and easy, but be prepared for the ginger kick!!  If you feel a cold coming on, try this as your first line of defence.

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  1. A great way to drink more water is to ALWAYS have it near by. We use the recyclable thermal glasses and I always have one filled with ice water on my desk. I never leave the house without one in my hand. Once you start to do this it will become a habit and you will find you miss it when you forget your water!