Tuesday, November 13, 2012

# 66 Pinterest to the rescue! Five Christmas gift ideas : )

In Michael's today, I started to hyperventilate.  It is SO CHRISTMAS in that store!  

A cup of tea and a dose of PINTEREST later, I'm feeling much better.  Inspired even!  

1.  Coasters!  Adhere photographs with Mod Podge to 4x4 tiles; spray with clear spray paint and attach felt pads.

2.  This organizer would make a good gift.  

3.  A Christmas book and a pillow would be perfect for my baby  granddaughter.

4.  And a no-sew, coordinating fleece blanket for "wrapping paper" would be easy.  

5.  The best idea of all?  Reproducing old family recipes onto tea towels!  I want to check this one first.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the coaster idea! AND I immediately sent the link to my sister who is going to love those tea towels. She has a lot of old recipes from her grandmother and those would be so wonderful for her Mom for Christmas! Thank you!