Thursday, November 15, 2012

# 68 A miniature post...

Have you seen Super Size Me (2004)?  You should.

So today, a miniature, 100 word post...

A tiny Santa hat in progress...

At the rate I'm going, do you think my little granddaughter will mind wearing it in January?  Just asking!!

After my "Fake It Frugal" post, it was suggested I try the corn muffins. I'm glad I did.  I especially like how they make a smaller quantity.  I still made a dozen, but they're tiny! This was my mother's muffin pan - way smaller than today's pans.

"Fake It Frugal" Corn muffins

Finally, have you tried these?  Sweet, easy to peel and perfect for little people!  Even the box is cute!
Mini Honey Mandarin Oranges

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  1. In California we have Cuties -- they are a small California Mandarin orange. They not only have a cute box -- they have Cute right in there name!