Friday, September 21, 2012

# 25 Reflections of a Harried Housewife: Cleaning a Kitchen

Do you clean a little every day or very thoroughly once a week?

(No, this is not me.  Are you kidding?)

I argue (with myself) the merits of each style every time I clean.  This morning, as I tidied up after breakfast, I started to count some of the "once in awhile" kitchen spots.  

Grrrr.... Exactly how many are there?  

I counted...
the rim UNDER the counters and kitchen table
water cooler drip tray 
top of the fridge
under the microwave
stove drawer 
inside, under the lip of the dishwasher door
cereal shelf
toaster crumb tray
stove knobs
floor behind the recycle bins


Did I miss any?

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