Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#23 A math card game...easy, educational, fun...perfect for kids (grades 1-6)!

Learning addition facts at home?  Try this game!

Make Ten Solitaire

  1. Remove the Jokers and face cards.  Lay out 12 cards.  Ace = "one".
  2. Pick up two cards that add up to ten. Or, pick up just the 10 card (10 + 0 = 10). Replace any cards you pick up with more cards from the deck.  
  3. Keep picking up pairs that add up to ten.  If all of the combinations are correct, every card will be used and the player wins the solitaire game.

Two kids?  Take turns (teaches cooperation).
Need a challenge?  Time yourself, then beat your record.


  1. This sounds like fun as well as educational! I'm adding it to our list! Thank you!

  2. My kids at school enjoyed this game; hope Amera does too! I'll be posting some more (...don't tell them it's math...) card games in the next couple of weeks.