Tuesday, September 18, 2012

# 22 Handy item for the kitchen...

Today I'm a busy girl, finishing laundry, catching up on emails and organizing cupboards.  

No lollygagging, as my grandmother would say!

lollygag |ˈlɒlɪgag| (also lallygag)
verb ( -gagged, -gagging) [ intrans. ] informal
spend time aimlessly; idle : he sends her to Arizona every January to lollygag in the sun.
dawdle : we're lollygagging along.
ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: of unknown origin.

In the kitchen, I've been gradually tidying up my pantry with the help of this product:

As I buy spaghetti sauce, etc., I've been using these plastic lids (Canadian Tire, Safeway) and recycling the jars to store rice, barley, lentils, etc.  

Try them!  : )

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