Friday, September 14, 2012

#18 Liquid Candy

Today, the Board of Health in NYC decided to bar any establishment with a food-service license from serving sugary beverages in cups or bottles larger than 16 ounces.  Sadly, six in ten New Yorkers (New York Times poll) are opposed to these restrictions.

Sugar!  My goodness, it sneaks in everywhere.  I learned that when I made grape jelly last week!

Did you know...

Coca-Cola (355 ml can)  =  10 tsp. sugar

V8 Splash (473 ml.)  =  14 tsp. sugar

Fruitopia (600 ml.)  =  16 tsp. sugar

Sunny Delight (547 ml)  =  16 tsp. sugar

Pepsi (600 ml.)  =  17 tsp. sugar

Not good : (


  1. I am really glad that I love water! And at 8 years of age Amara has yet to have a soda pop! Can't say the same for her Mommy and Daddy but that is OK, too!