Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bullet Journal

Do you keep track of “everything” on your phone? Do you have one of those little calendar notebooks in your purse? A calendar on the fridge? Scraps of paper? Sticky notes? Sheesh! I've tried them all.

Different systems worked for different stages... pre-kids, the crazy years with kids, the post-kid era, but I must admit I have been floundering a bit for the last year or two.

Yes, I managed to stay on top of appointments and important dates, but everything else (a good website, a crochet pattern, a recipe) was on scraps of paper. Grrrr! Scraps of paper that were lost sometimes before they were used. Notes that would float to the top when I was looking for something else, then disappear again.

About six weeks ago, I discovered Bullet Journal. There's nothing to buy. (The notebook in the picture is one I had in the house.) It's a quick system to learn and it keeps track of not just “calendar” type information, but all the other STUFF!! So far, in my journal I have recipes, patterns, ideas, notes from a few gardening talks I've attended, etc., AND, everything you record can be easily found with the index system you create as you go. No scraps of paper!

Anyway, watch the video, go through the website and check it out.

A few observations...

... The notebook I use has lines rather than graph paper as suggested. That's a personal choice, but I prefer lines.

... The book's elastic band? Perfect! Marks my “today” page and also keeps the book closed in my purse.

... I'm finding it easier to set up all the “day pages” at the beginning of each month and record the other things on the pages between months. I use a whole page for each day but Saturday and Sunday share a page.

... I still keep my grocery list on the fridge – it's not always me who picks up groceries. This system will work for you, but it is not one that can be referred to by multiple people. The fridge calendar is still needed if that's important in your family.

... I have some sticky notes stuck on the inside of the back cover. They're still useful.

... You still need to be diligent about recording tasks and events if you want the system to work. Neat printing and concise entries are also important.

Have a great day!

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