Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"How To" Crochet: Maggie's Little Chrysanthemum

A simple little flower, but I designed it myself and I'm tickled 
with how it turned out!

Maggie's Little Chrysanthemum

Here's my “how-to”...

Yarn: You can use any weight yarn and the appropriate sized hook. I used Little Bonbons cotton yarn and a very fine hook.

To begin: With yellow yarn, chain 5 and slip stitch together to form a ring.

Round 1: Work around the ring... 10 single crochet stitches. Finish by slip stitching into your first single crochet.

Round 2: Look at those single crochet stitches. Each one has a front and a rear bar. Continue with your yellow yarn. Chain 10, then slip stitch into the front bar of the first stitch from round 1. Chain 10, then slip stitch into the front bar of the next stitch. Continue around the circle until you have ten yellow loops.

Round 3: Take your orange yarn, chain 12 and slip stitch into the back bar of the round 1 stitches. Continue around the circle (chain 12, slip stitch into the back bar) until you have ten orange loops. Finish off by stitching in all loose ends and adding a button.

Please ask if you have any questions!

Happy crocheting!

PS The patterns for the little pink flower and leaves and the red May Rose can be found at Attic 24.