Thursday, May 22, 2014

Little Bonbons: Mandala Project Idea

I've really enjoyed making little mandalas this past month. Lucy at Attic24 got me started and, since then, I've experimented with different yarns and patterns, sizes and colours. They're a happy little project to work on between baby sweaters and flowers.

But, what DO you do with them? Yes, they make pretty little summer coasters and a slightly larger one looks lovely under a glass jar of tulips. Lucy has a little cluster of them grouped on a wall.'s another idea!

I use a recycled Mason jar for buttons...a little mandala “shower cap” was the pretty touch it needed!

This mandala was made from Little Bonbons cotton yarn. I've made a number of them (and some are saved for another project idea).

Check for size first, then on the wrong side string some elastic cord. I used Bead Landing 0.5 elastic...found it in the bead section of Michael's. Use a generous amount and thread three strands, checking to make sure it's not visible on the front.

Maggie's Button Jar

Inside out, secure your mandala to a recycled jar with an elastic band. Tighten and knot your elastic threads. That's it!

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  1. Good question and great answer! Very cute!