Sunday, January 6, 2013

# 86 Two great gadgets from Oxo

Oxo tools make a difference.  It's so frustrating working with a gadget that's uncomfortable or doesn't do the job.
Oxo Good Grips Peeler

My Oxo Good Grips peeler is at least 15 years old.  Still looks like new, works like a charm, fits my hand well and I can peel potatoes until the cows come home!  (No cows involved...just an expression!)

Oxo Small Scoop
My latest gadget is an Oxo cookie scoop. I chose the smallest of three sizes.

It easily handled making Soft Ginger Snaps (sticky, soft dough) and also my Chocolate Chip Shortbread (firm dough).  Uniform shape and size, quick and clean - great tool : )

(This is an unsolicited opinion.)

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