Friday, October 26, 2012

# 50 Super Simple DIY: Autumn Hallway Accents

I don't go all out decorating (no competition from this corner!!), but I do like to add a few seasonal accents.  

A few weeks ago I made this wreath.  Ya gotta love glue gluns!!

Then I actually dusted the hall table before I made a little display there.  The burlap cloth was literally a 2 minute DIY project - iron, measure, cut, pull threads to make a fringe.  Simple and I like the texture.

Today, for a little aromatherapy, I added an orange and clove pomander. Again, super simple...a skewer to poke holes, stick in  cloves, rinse and pat dry.

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  1. hmmmmmm the next time Amara is here and bored I will have her make one of your pomanders. Thanks!