Wednesday, October 17, 2012

# 42 How to efficiently run your home!!

My mother's high school "Home Economics" notes (1946?)....


7:15    Rise.
7:45   Serve breakfast.
8:15    Clear away dishes.  Wash up.  Prepare vegetables.  
           Tidy kitchen.  Wash tea towels.
8:45    Attend to entrances and stairs.
9:00    Attend to living room and dining room.
9:30    Bathroom and lavatory.
9:45    Bedrooms
10:15   Cooking.  Mid-day meal and preparations for tea, 
           including baking.
11:15   Mid-morning snack.
11:30   Special work.  Wash dusters.
12:30   Have own lunch and wash up.
1:30    Change.  Do shopping, mending, gardening, etc.
4:15    Afternoon tea.
5:15    Lay table.  finish preps. for tea and make sandwich supper.
6:00   Tea
6:30   Wash up.