Monday, March 11, 2013


This morning, it's all about jicama.  

This is a relatively, "new-to-me" vegetable I first met when my son was married two years ago in Mexico.  Before Christmas (another destination wedding), we enjoyed this treat again and on a recent visit to Phoenix, jicama and I got "up close and personal"  : )

Jicama Sticks
Where I live, you can search out this little guy, but he's not centre stage at my local grocery store.  In fact, the day I bought my first-ever jicama, there were only two in the whole store.  Fortunately, he was just the right size - I gather, if they are bigger than two fists, they can be a bit woody.

Peeled, and cut up like carrot sticks, jicama makes a great snack and I can see including these next time I make a veggie tray.  

Last night, however, I made this salad for supper - tasty, with a nice crunch, a bit like adding water chestnuts.  

Jicama, Orange and Spinach Salad
No real recipe here...  I just mixed some baby spinach leaves, a little red onion, orange and jicama!  I tossed the salad in Newman's Own Light French Vinaigrette and then served it on the plate with some tomato on the side.  

Here's a link to the recipe I really want to try next time we have company - Apple Jicama Coleslaw!  Chef John at Food Wishes tosses everything with a yummy sounding dressing that includes pineapple juice and hot sauce!

Happy Monday,

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