Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Knitting Journey... The Humble Dishcloth

My knitting career began with a "my mother made me" baby sweater - a horrible, ratty looking little thing -  that I knit many years ago when expecting my first child.  That sweater was not a success!

I didn't pick up needles again until my first grandchild was born in 2012.  It was a bit of a challenge, but things began to click and I started making bunnies and puppies, tiny sweaters and hats, and Christmas ornaments.
Maggie's Christmas Bells

I have two rules.  The projects have to be tiny (greater satisfaction when I complete something fairly quickly) and each project needs to teach me something new.  I still consider myself a beginner!  

This past week I decided to make some dishcloths.  I wanted to experiment with patterns and texture.  Making dishcloths also gave me a chance to figure out if I wanted to tackle a bigger project.  The yellow dishcloth and the variegated dishcloth are actually baby blanket patterns.  

After the first two, I was on a roll.  I discovered Laws of Knitting.  Not only are there some excellent video tutorials for a beginner knitter on this website, I found five more dishcloth patterns!  The green dishcloth is "Noni's Favourite Pattern".

Anyway, if you're embarking on a knitting journey, perhaps some of the links above will help!

Happy knitting,

P.S.    I made all three dishcloths using Size 4 (3.5 mm) needles and Bernat Handicrafter Cotton.  When I crocheted (two rows of single crochet) around the green cloth, I used a 4.25 mm hook. 

How did I make the baby blanket patterns dishcloth sized? For the yellow one, cast on only 32 stitches. Don't worry about the variegated dishcloth. You knit on the diagonal, so when your triangle looks big enough, follow the decreasing directions.


  1. I am curious if this is just a Canadian reference when you call it a dishcloth. Do you actually use them for washing dishes or wiping down kitchen counters? They are beautiful but I am curious as to their actual use!

  2. I tend to use them for cleaning counters, etc., as I use the dishwasher for almost everything. People do use them for washing dishes, however.