Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Crocheted Baby Blanket and a Helpful Website

Here's what I'm currently working on... a baby blanket for a special little girl expected any day!  

A friend showed me one she'd made and passed along some very old, photocopied instructions. Thank goodness I had my friend's blanket to study as I didn't understand the pattern instructions at all!  

Basically, you work the green and the white yarn at the same time so it creates a white on green pattern on one side and a green on white pattern on the reverse side.  The two row pattern repeat is very simple, so it's a great project to work on while watching TV or listening to the radio.  A "work in progress", I'm still thinking about how I'll finish off the border.  When I'm done, I'll share again and give more specific directions.

In the meantime, if you're teaching yourself how to crochet (or, like me, relearning!!), here's a website you might find handy and want to bookmark.  

Annie's Crafts sells crochet, knitting and quilting patterns and supplies.  They are also a source for kits, etc. for other crafts such as card making, beading, cross-stitch, etc.

Very useful to me, however, is their "how-to" section with clear pictures, directions and videos.  I've referred to the crochet and knitting pages and found them very helpful.  

Happy Saturday!

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  1. That is a really great site! Thanks for sharing I love your little blanket -- do show us when it is done!