Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY... (free!!) initials, labels and tags to download...

Happy Monday!  We had a productive weekend at our house - items were purchased or made and a number of names have been checked off the list.  

So... today, wrapping is on my "to do" list.

For many years our gifts under the tree have not had name tags.  

No, it wasn't a quaint tradition...

The moment gifts came into the house, they were wrapped and tucked under the tree.  Without tags, we reasoned, it was a little more difficult for the kids to determine what was inside those mysterious packages.

Anyway (fast forward to today), our smaller gifts (in an effort to minimize commercialism and stress) in their (recycled) gift bags are becoming more difficult to distribute Christmas morning.  

So, this year I've decided to add initial tags... 

These small (1.5 x 2 inches), initial tags could be printed on coloured paper or cardstock.  They come in three colours or you can print them in black like I did.  Print landscape and you'll be able to get eighteen to a page.  Punch a hole and add a ribbon, raffia or twine for a're set to go!  

Cathe Holden designed these 2.5 inch diameter, round, blank labels - six colours available.  As she points out on the website, you can "use these vintage designed round labels for your jars with jam, tin containers for candles, use them for wedding favor gifts, for organizing your kitchen, for organizing your personal items or for anything you need to make look beautiful!!!"

Looking for something bigger?  Wedding Chicks has the answer!

And for those of you with a colour printer and LOTS of time today, check World Labels Pinterest site - free printables for every occasion!  

PS  Put on a BIG pot of coffee first.  

Have fun!

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