Thursday, August 8, 2013

Need organizing?

So, yesterday there was an email in my Inbox....

Banish Clutter and Get Organized!

A harsh message, don't you think, for first thing in the morning?  : )

It was from Better Homes and Garden and this week the email contained links to articles and slideshows on decluttering, organization and storage.

Top of the list was "Get Your Home Organized", a quick mini-tour of Jen Jones' home, featured on her blog, I Heart Organizing.

I've followed Jen's blog off and on for a number of years.  If you haven't checked it out, you should.  Her "Home Tour" shows in more detail how much she's accomplished with before & after pictures of the different rooms.  She's got some good ideas!

Revisiting Jen's blog gave me a giggle...  This week she's renovating her guest bathroom.  The pressure's on as company's coming in one week, but she plans to "tell all"... 

Why the giggle?  We've got our own little bathroom reno happening...  How many months has it been now?????  

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  1. My sister and her husband "finished" the guest bathroom moments before my arrival last September. They built the house 12 years ago!!! You just need company to come stay -- you'd get it finished!