Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kids and Art

As a teacher, one of the subjects I truly enjoyed was art class.  It was a subject that took a lot of organization, pre-planning and usually left me exhausted by the end of the afternoon, but it was full of "Aha!" moments that made it all worthwhile.  

Art is NOT about the end product.  It's all about the process, exploration and problem solving and it shouldn't be a "school only" type of thing.  Kids need some basic art materials just as much as books and toys.  

There are some great art teacher websites on the Internet that parents would find just as useful as teachers.  They feature kid-tested projects for children from kindergarten to grade six, have clear directions and wonderful photographs of children's art.

Three teachers I particularly admire are: 

Kathy Barbro - Art Projects for Kids

Joanna Davis - We Heart Art

Patty Palmer - Deep Space Sparkle

Hope these websites give you some great ideas!

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  1. Those are some great links. Thanks for sharing. Amara has been taking art classes every Saturday for about 4 years now and she loves it!