Friday, February 22, 2013

# 88 I need an axe...

I feel the need to chop down a tree.

A very inappropriate comment from a Canadian prairie girl, but how can you resist these little tree houses?

I NEED a tree house.  Where's my axe?

Seriously, however, I think I will do these next two projects.  This rock gave me a giggle.

And this mailbox idea! Brilliant!  I like to keep my gardening tools handy.  In past years, I've used a pail, but unless I remember to tuck it under something, rain water (and rust) become an issue.  This mailbox would totally do the trick - everything handy and everything dry.

1 comment:

  1. OK! I never even dreamed I wanted a tree house like that but I really do! Amara wants a tree house but none of us have trees in our yard where one could be built -- and if she saw those pictures she -- OK she just woke up and wondered in and she and Grampy both want one! Thanks for sharing. Oh and I love the mailbox idea!