Monday, November 17, 2014

Back from the Land of the Little People

Hello, everyone!

Back again after helping out in the Land of the Little People...

Our family welcomed a sweet little girl...

... healthy, happy, feeding and sleeping well! We're so pleased!

While her mum adjusted to the new addition, I spent a significant amount of time playing Little People, constructing tents out of blankets and reading stories.

I also sang "The Wheels on the Bus" at least a zillion times.... : )

Spending time with little ones slows life down.  That's a good thing.

Missing those cuddles already!


  1. Welcome back and congratulations on the new family member. To bad you can't bottle hugs to save them for later.

  2. Thanks, Kc! Hey, bottled hugs!!! That could be your "million dollar" idea... : )