Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Panna Cotta Update


Too late!

All gone!

I mentioned last week that we'd had a lovely dessert a friend made – Panna Cotta, a smooth, creamy, sinfully rich Italian treat. I tried it myself tonight and tested it out at a family gathering. It was a huge success.

This dessert is extremely easy and quick to prep ahead of time. I followed the All Recipes video and recipe directions. Joy of Baking has a very similar version and an excellent video as well. I used six tea cups but wine glasses or ramekins would also work well. Just before serving, I poured a teaspoon or two of raspberry syrup on top and added some fresh raspberries. 



  1. That really does sound wonderful -- especially with raspberries on top!

  2. Yes, very tasty. Other berries would work well, too.