Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kids Read: Michael Morpurgo and Michael Rosen

Our monthly KidLit meeting last week was great fun, in fact, a particularly good time!

By the way...

The book passed on to me for this month was Outlaw by Michael Morpurgo, author of Warhorse. The story of Robin Hood, it was a very entertaining read and I would highly recommend it to any young person about 9ish to 12 years old who is interested in adventure, historical fiction, etc. You can read Michael Morpurgo's summary on his website.

But back to our meeting...

Each month we have a theme, usually chosen by the host. This month was “Poetry”. Everyone brought something to share.

I chose Michael Rosen. I don't think I've ever run into a kid who is not familiar with We're Going on a Bear Hunt! (Oh, that's a great book to read to a little one!) Here's a link featuring Michael reading this book.

I landed on Michael Rosen by accident, however. I didn't know this fellow was so funny. I wish I'd realized this when I was teaching. His poetry is free verse and he has quite a few on YouTube. So entertaining to watch as Michael is a real performance artist. You NEED to google a few:

In the meantime, here's a sample poem of Michael's...

Where Broccoli Comes From

Not many people know
That broccoli grows in the armpits
Of very big green men
Who live in the forest
And brave broccoli cutters
Go deep into the forests
And they creep up on the
very big green men.
They wait for the
very big green men
to fall asleep
and the broccoli cutters
get out their great big broccoli razors
and they shave the armpits
of the very big green men.
And that's where broccoli comes from.
Not many people know that.
Just thought I'd let you know.

Share that next time you serve broccoli...
Gross stuff, but kids love it!

Happy Reading,

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  1. I love broccoli and am forever going to think of that poem when I eat it!