Friday, November 15, 2013

Little Christmas Ornaments to Knit and Crochet

Jingle Bells

My little stack of bells is growing!  

I love little projects!  Easy to carry around, simple enough to do while watching a movie, quick to finish... : )

Last year, I knit little toques and stockings to give away.  I also tried a few bells - here are the directions.  

This year, I've also been crocheting little stars.  Lucy from Attic24 has a free pattern you can try. 

A Tiny Star - from Attic24

My first little stars were made with the same wool I used for the bells and toques -

Vanna's Choice by Lions Brand.  I then experimented with some finer, gold yarn (3.5 hook) and then the Winter Red Lustre-Sheen by Red Heart.  

I'm pleased with how these little ornaments are turning out!  


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  1. Those really are very pretty -- especially those bottom red ones!