Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Home again, home again...

Always good to get back to the homestead, for the first few minutes anyway. Then the reality of the TO DO list sets in and it's necessary to retreat to the sunporch and stretch out, exhausted before I even start.

A busy weekend, but lots accomplished!!! Long discussions about cake flavours, fondant vs buttercream, swirls and ribbon, but cake decisions were made, menu decided, floral details worked out and Ms. Bride was able to strike one or two items off her 89 item list.

What I dreaded for THE DRESS...wasn't really all that bad. Not only was a dress for Ms. Bride's day picked out, two additional outfits jumped into the bag as well - one of them "perfectly perfect" for Dear Son's beach wedding in Mexico next February! Still have some of the details such as jewels and shoes, but the panic attacks are subsiding, thank goodness!

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