Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Yarn Doodles: Tawashi flowers

Tawashi Flowers

Oh, my goodness! Time flies! We've had a busy time here, a new grandbaby, trips away, Christmas company and a major house painting project...

Yesterday, was the first day in ages that I seemed to find time to sit down, relax and do a little yarn doodling!

After completing two Christmas stocking projects for our 2014 grandbabies, I could not face anything wooly until now. Honestly, one of the stockings was being completed as Santa packed his sleigh – it was a real race.

Anyway, these little bitties are Tawashis – a free pattern from Ssh, I'm Counting. I've made them from little scraps of cotton yarn, using a 4.5 hook. Not only am I using up little bits and pieces, I'm getting into the swing again for a larger project – limbering up, so to speak. They're meant for washing your face...use once then throw in the washer when you do your towels. We'll see how they work!

Try some yourself. It's an easy pattern, great for when you're watching a movie.

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  1. Yarn doodles is such a great term -- and I love yous! Glad you survived the holidays.